Writing is what I do best. Poetry, short stories, and novels of all genres cross my pages. Whether they stay is another question. Here I will share tips on writing, critiques of the writing world, analysis of narrative…and more importantly my story writing. Most of my pieces here will be short one shots with poetry and the like sewn in for good measure. As of October 2016 I am preparing to release my romantic and erotic fiction ebooks over amazon, which are listed on the banner. I’ve been plugging away at the keyboard for a very long time, but finally for my own well being I decided I needed to get something out there on the market instead of waiting for the “write” time. Ok that bad, but I really did realize that if a person never takes risk they will fail by omission. So I’m putting myself out here which is very exciting. Here you see behind the curtain into how those pieces not only get made, but into who created them and how. Hopefully my tips and tricks here will inspire you and offer a little assistance  if you need it.

About me? Well, I am a black american woman author with a love of cooking, animals, and romance. My perfect day would be spent making a nice hot breakfast with a chai tea followed by a few hours writing by the lake on a screened in porch with my favoritest pooch in the whole world begging for my attention the whole time.

I write because I hope to give you something of value, and I hope that shines through my work. When I’m not at either of my jobs or painting I can be found writing.