Small Excerpt from “The Black Hat Society Vol. 1” (A BDSM, Collaring, Orgy, Erotica)


K.K would be strong. She could take it.


Gin was right there with her, going through the same thing. She wasn’t alone and that comforted her more than anything else.


A pause labored in the room as a swoosh of air went up her back then the feeling reversed. Two almost simultaneous cracks echoed through the room like fireworks, making her jump. Just as quickly she felt the harsh bite of the whip’s tail against her back like a cobra bite. The pain spread out like venom, at first it was numb giving a second of hope before the sharp burn set in. With every second it deepened and spread. It took K.K a moment to realize the sharp scream was her own, and though she did feel a bit embarrassed about it she was mostly consumed by the pain. Shit. Shit. Shit.

“How’d it feel?”

“Fuckin’ hurt, sir!”K.K loudly blurted out.

Most of the room lapsed into laughter at how blunt it was, but K.K was only being honest. At least she remembered to say “sir”.

“Ha, such a naughty mouth. Warrants more punishment doesn’t it Master Jon?”

“Most definitely”


This story is certainly more sexual than White Hot Room but it is a story set in a dungeon focusing on The Black Hat Society, an elusive club of sexual adventurers, passionate lovers, and exotic sensual dangers. From bondage to almost violent orgies, to even soft gentle love making there is nothing The Black Hat Society won’t explore. This is where they start…think of how K.K and her girlfriend Gin will  end?