30 Minute Writing Prompt #1

Here’s the deal I’m going to give you a word, a line, and situation. Pick one, two or all of them get to writing for thirty minutes straight. You can write different stories, poetry, free verse, raps, ads, whatever, just write for 30 minutes. If you accept this mission then you either in the comments or on your own pages will post your own stories. This is a fun game and a great way to get everyone writing. Make sure to tag me in them so I can read them. This isn’t just for erotica or romance either. This is for every writer under the sun. Feel free to deconstruct these prompts anyway you like, but please give credit to me in terms of lines.

Word: Ginger
Line: “If you had only listened to me I could have saved us the trouble.”
Situation: Your trying to explain sexuality to someone who is inherently asexual…because someone has propositioned them for sex for the very first time. Maybe the person always thought sexuality was a joke people made up. Maybe they just realized one day that they never really felt how other people seemed to. Maybe they understand it perfectly but want to know how it is for you. This is entirely up to you. I ask you to be respectful, go outside your comfort zone, and for my asexual followers to see this not as a gimmick. I’m not using it as a gimmick. This happened fairly recently in my life. No details needed. Just know that.

Have fun kiddos!
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