One Sentence Story Time: Nanonwrimo Edition

In the heat of the battle in the midst of burning magic and the beastial cries of warring animals that blended with seering human screams I found myself reminded of New Year’s Eve 1923.

So this is the first line of my nanowrimo story which will be published under another name so. This is all you’re getting . Not sure it’s going to his 50,000 words or not but I think it’s going to be fabulous.

One Sentence Story Time! #2

Without another word Xavier plunged the blade into Connor’s chest, ignoring the tears streaming down both their cheeks, and he knew that no matter why he did this Xavier would never be able to forget how all of this horror could have been avoided.

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Prompt: Words

One Sentence Story Time!

His last words to me were those of sweet nothings and love even as my teeth sunk into his chest; he sang my praises, but he was not insane; simply he was the best lover I ever knew.

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I consider this one sentence because that is how this character speaks. Long run ons