Advice to Romance Writers from Readers

Since Kelsey and I started the blog, we have read over 100 books. Our favorites are always the romance stories, but we’ve seen several things that almost instantly turn us off. We’ve di…

Source: Advice to Romance Writers from Readers

This post has truly excellent advice for all writers! We often get so into marketing and trying to build an audience that we toss these things aside, but spending time on our craft is important. While many like myself struggle to find willing readers and editors there are steps we can take to enhance our work, and ourselves as writers.

To me the romance writer has one strong struggle that is hard to work around…writing a good story and balancing the story with the conventions romance readers love. So much of romance is great…but boring and redundant as a writer. As a reader you don’t mind so much so long as it is different enough, but writing is such a different animal. People think its easy, but it is an emotionally and mentally demanding task. Any advice and perspective a writer can get is helpful.


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