Dreaming Through.

Dreaming through the circuit.
Power cut
Full of rage.
Cogniscent and untamed
Grabbed then by unyielding lust,
Lingering trust,
And pinned beneath the full moon,
By old egos and,
Broken shadows that,
Cannot breathe, but remain alive enough to gasp.
Short circuiting electricity through bruised sockets,
And wounded knees,
And itchy eye lashes,
Over eyes that stare at the screen and,
Don’t care if you’re mean or green,
Just seen.
Dreaming through the circuit.
As a circus of baby pictures, and baby’s baby pictures,
Play across my technological miracle faster than I can see.
Pseudo lovers converse over memes,
And a man bleeds onto the streets while,
Someone laughs insensitively,
And another scrolls past sensibly because,
Another death will bring them to their knees,
And another death because they do what they please,
And here they all hopeless romantics dream.

And pretend.

And Sleeze

And Spend.
And end.

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