The power of walking for writing

I am a lazy woman. What makes that harder is I’m an introvert with occasional agoraphobia, a deep fear of the insectoid world, and depression. So you can guess I don’t always do a great job of getting out much…but I do my best to make the effort to at least go on a ten minute walk once a week. Besides my trying to be healthier I do this because it “clears my head”. A rush of cool air, being out in an open place full of a thousand little changes, and switching my mindset from inside to outside is like a small system reset. When I do a reset like that I come out able to sit down and feel in a better position to write with a bit more inspiration than before.

So many of us writers are home bodies, but those of us who are able can learn a lot from going out into the world and finding means to alter our thinking, find inspiration, and generally refresh ourselves. Sometimes getting away from writing is the best thing for writing.

What are your techniques for resetting your mental modem? How do you give yourself a new  perspective and approach?


8 thoughts on “The power of walking for writing

  1. I can be the same way. I am very introverted, dealt with social anxiety and depression. My solution was to buy a cute little doggie… the dog forces me to take 2-3 short walks a day because if I don’t walk her I will have poop to clean. Keeping active keeps me out of the dark.

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  2. I take the dog for a walk once a day generally, so I get out and about, and I do feel better for that bit of fresh air, but generally I want to be as far away from people as I can manage, and there’s a part of me that resents the time away from my writing.
    I used to play golf regularly, and I do miss it, but I much prefer my alone time and my writing time so I’m not sure I’ll take it up again, though it would be good for my health and my waistline.


    1. I totally understand the guilt you get when you don’t write. Lately that has been weighing on my mind a lot, and the way I’m currently trying to cope is to remember stimulation generates writing. For some people it makes no difference, but when you stimulate yourself by reading, experiencing something new, or going somewhere even if it is away from people you create the opportunity to get new writing fuel. Plus you never know maybe if you go play golf you’ll end up seeing something or getting a completely random thought that will inspire you to write something you never would have otherwise!

      Thank you so much for reading!

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      1. That’s true, I have a couple of anecdotes from my golfing life that I think I might have to put up on my blog, little things that remind me of the fun I had. Thanks for the mental nudge.


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