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23453112Aziz Ansari: Comedian, actor, and now… writer! The man behind our beloved Tom Haverford on the TV show Parks and Recreation has now branched out to writing, and I’m happy to say that his new book Modern Romance does not disappoint. I’ve read a few other books by celebrities before (I’m looking at you, Mindy Kaling) and I’ve really enjoyed them, but this book is not at all like the usual memoir or collection of essays written by a famous face.

Instead of concentrating solely on his own life, Ansari has chosen to write a research-based book on something that impacts all of us at one point or another: romance. Although he does include personal anecdotes about his own experiences, the bulk of this book is based on the research he conducted with sociologist Eric Klinenberg. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity write about a topic beyond him or herself, especially one…

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