Dressing Characters

Maybe it is because I grew up on manga and comics, but I love having character’s dress style and outfits described. However, I usually suck at it! This is bugging me!  I know the basic bounds of the way to do it is to not go too into the detail, but also giving just enough so that even uninterested readers enjoy visualizing. Still it is so hard for me. You might know how it is. You see an outfit so clearly in your head you describe it lovingly and then realize it is too much, or you barely describe anything and then you realize “Oh shit that is important for this scene”. It’s a constant balancing act when all I want to do is dress people in beautiful clothes.

And it is important to dress your characters well. From your protagonist’s perspective they take the whole visual of a person into figuring out how to interact with them whether they realize it or not. When you show your reader a character in a long night gown they not only picture it, but get a different feel for that character than if they were in a hoody and jean.

Sailor Pluto’s style is consistent in every version of her and that shows the grasp the artists and writers have of who she is. That makes her feel like a real person. Also I want to have her closet.

As far as problems go this one isn’t huge, but it drives me nuts. I feel like my descriptions are so uneven sometimes. Do you ever feel this way?thierry-mugler-fashion-week-1992 Had to use a Sailor Moon reference, as Naoko Takeuchi used fashion from different shows, magazines, and such to craft the styles of the characters in her stories. What I find so cool about that is unlike a lot of anime or manga this gives her characters a distinct look that feels creative without being hokey or not feeling like someone just threw them on a character. Interesting as well, is how this seems to have rubbed off on her husband the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho! and Hunter x Hunter.

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