The Question of Consent in Erotica

This is an incredibly thoughtful piece, and one I feel many erotica writers who are very thoughtful about their work and their message struggle with. It is easy to say it is just “a fiction”, but we do not make fiction simply from nothing because we do not exist in a sexual vaccuum and so much of what is erotica is tied to what is also forbidden. Further many theorists believe part of the intrigue with the non-consensual is that it relieves the female burden in most societies of being guilty for enjoying the “sexual when virginity and chastity are prized. These facts make reconciling the erotic and the non-consensual erotic fantasy difficult. We owe it to ourselves to discuss these things, and I hope to one day post on this conversation. What do you all think?


So this is possibly an odd place to start a new blog, but I’ve been pondering -actually I’ve been genuinely struggling with- this issue as I’ve been working on bringing my work into a professional arena.

The issue of Consent in regards to Erotica.

In my Erotic work I tend to write a lot of stuff focused on submissive women and domineering men, and I’ve noticed that the most popular erotica books on Amazon are all in a similar vein.

The basic trend I’ve seen can be summarised thus:

Woman is in her normal life and along comes this dominant hot man who quickly puts her in her place of submissive lover -and everything works out.

The sort of Variants are:

  • Woman is abducted and groomed.
  • Woman is in a position of power, and a man comes in to teach her she likes submission.
  • Woman is lost and vulnerable and…

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